Situations When Someone Might Be Able to Collect Financial Compensation for Wasp Stings

An injury law firm may be able to help clients who were seriously hurt by stinging insects on someone else’s property. Even when someone is not allergic to the venom, multiple stings from wasps can mean a need for medical treatment.


An injection of an antihistamine will reduce the swelling and associated pain. A corticosteroid may be advisable as well, depending on the extent of the injuries. A doctor might advise a patient with many stings on the face to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Being stung many times can increase the risk of a severe reaction, with the person now being allergic to the venom for a lifetime. However, immunotherapy treatment is available that can reduce future allergic reactions through desensitization.

Premises Liability

The property owners might be considered legally responsible if they knew a large wasp’s nest was there and in a place where people might be attacked by those insects. There also may be a case if the owners should have known the nest was there but were negligent in maintaining their property for safety. Property owners are expected to keep the premises safe for anyone who might go there. However, if a wasp’s nest was far up in a tree on some wooded acreage, they probably could not be considered legally responsible since they likely had no idea this was happening.


Another consideration is how high the related expenses were. Injury attorneys typically are paid with a percentage of the settlement or court award, and the standard percentage is one-third. If the expenses were relatively low, such as $1,000, finding an attorney to accept the chase will be challenging.

In contrast, a case in which someone received treatment in an emergency room, had to spend a day or two in the hospital, and missed several days of work may justify a much larger settlement. In addition, sometimes, there are unusual circumstances for one particular individual in this situation. Spending a day in the hospital could mean missing a scheduled plane flight, for example. Anyone wanting to speak with an attorney may contact an organization like Hamparyan Injury Lawyers.